Additional Risks

Did you know?
Liability insurance is defined as a “Policy that covers civil liabilities to third parties, arising from bodily injury, property damage, or other wrongs due to the action or inaction of the insured. It covers only civil liabilities and not criminal liabilities.”

Certain things you do every day may complicate your insurance more than you realize, ask your broker if you fall under the following:

  • If you let anyone underage or not listed on your insurance policy operate your ATV, sea doo, or boat it can seriously complicate the coverage of your policy.
  • If you rent out any of your seasonal properties out without disclosing it to your insurance provider first, it can complicate or possibly even void your coverage.
  • If you purchased a recreation vehicle and did not add it to your insurance policy, the vehicle may actually have no coverage at all.
  • If you have a golf cart at your property undisclosed, just the use of it will seriously impact the performance of your policy in the event of a claim.

Verge has the capacity to insure all of your properties to any of your personally owned belongings. Whether it is your summer home, winter getaway, or something of extreme value to yourself, as long as it is in Ontario, we have the options and experience necessary to make sure everything is covered properly.

  • Verge Claims Advantage providing 30 Minute Emergency Contractor Attendance in the event of a claim AND 24/7 Claim assistance.
  • Bundle everything together and receive extra discounts.
  • Umbrella polices, to provide a blanket liability coverage for yourself and your family.
  • Ability to insure almost any recreation vehicle you can purchase from a licensed retailer.