Verge Client Referral Program

Verge Client Referral Program

At Verge Insurance Group, we believe that our clients are our greatest advocates. Your trust in us has not only helped secure your financial future but has also allowed us to grow and serve our community better. We are excited to introduce our Client Referral Program, designed to express our gratitude for your continued support.

Why Refer Your Friends and Families to Us?

When you refer friends, family, or colleagues to Verge Insurance Group you’re not just recommending an insurance broker – you’re vouching for a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional service. Here’s why you should consider referring your loved ones to us:

  • Quality Service: We pride ourselves on delivering personalized insurance solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. When you refer someone to us, you’re helping them access the same level of care and attention you’ve experienced.
  • Expertise: Our team consists of experienced insurance professionals who stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations. Your referrals will benefit from our in-depth knowledge and commitment to finding the right insurance solutions.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We offer a wide range of insurance products, from auto and home insurance to life and business insurance. Your referrals can find all their insurance needs under one roof, simplifying their lives.
  • Trustworthy Recommendations: Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust. When you refer a client to us, they can trust that we will provide honest and unbiased insurance recommendations.

Please email your referral form to verge@vergeinsurance.com

How Does Our Client Referral Program Work?

Participating in our Client Referral Program is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Refer: Share your positive experience with us with friends, family, or colleagues who may benefit from our services. You may refer up to five people per month through our Client Referral Form or in-person.
  2. Contact: Once we receive your referral, our team will reach out to the prospective client to understand their insurance needs.
  3. Serve: We’ll provide top-notch service to your family and friends, tailoring insurance solutions to their requirements and providing them with expert guidance throughout the process.
  4. Reward: As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you refer a client. You will also be entered in our monthly and annual draw. Please see below for the rules and regulations.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Rest assured that we value your privacy and your referrals’ privacy. We will handle all information shared with the utmost care and in compliance with all relevant privacy regulations. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By participating in our Client Referral Program, you not only receive rewards but also contribute to building a stronger, more informed community. You help individuals and businesses make well-informed insurance decisions, helping to protect their futures.

Ready to Get Started?

Thank you for considering us for your referrals. Your trust in our services is invaluable to us. To refer a client or learn more about our Client Referral Program, please fill out the referral form and email it to verge@vergeinsurance.com or contact our dedicated team today at 905-688-9170.

👉Download Verge Insurance Client Referral Form

At Verge Insurance Group, we look forward to welcoming your referrals and continuing to serve you with excellence and professionalism.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. To participate in the Referral Program, Referrers should follow the instructions and fill out the Verge Insurance Client Referral Program Form by entering their contact information in the relevant fields.
  2. Individuals who receive a referral via a Referrer are “Friends” (or, singly, a “Friend”).
  3. Referrers who follow the instructions and fill out the form in the relevant fields may receive “Reward(s)” for every “Qualified Referral”.
  4. By participating in the Referral program, a Referrer represents that he or she gives consent to provide their contact information.

  1. To be “Eligible”, a Referrer must:
  2. Be a current client at Verge Insurance Group; and
  3. Be at least 18 years old.
  4. Not a current Verge Insurance Group staff member

  1. A Referrer must fill out the Verge Insurance Client Referral Program Form with the relevant information. Once a Referrer refers to a Friend, he or she will be sent a confirmation email.
  2. Referrers must respect the spirit of the Referral program by only referring to real individuals who meet the requirements of the Program. Referrers may not refer themselves and may not create multiple or fake accounts to participate in the Program.

  1. A “Qualified Referral” means that all the above conditions are met.

  1. A Referrer shall receive one (1) reward per Referred Friend in the form. A maximum of five (5) Friends can be referred to each month.
  2. Rewards may be redeemed in the form of a $25 Amazon gift card. Restrictions may apply.