Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident

June 3, 2024

Car accidents can be frightening, and dealing with the aftermath may seem confusing.

1. Look for injuries.

Inspect yourself and any passengers for injuries. Avoid moving anyone who is seriously injured (yourself included). Call 911 right away or ask a bystander to call if there are injuries. If it is safe to do so, check on the other drivers involved.

2. Move to safety.

If your car can be driven, cautiously move it out of traffic to the side of the road. Use your hazard/warning lights and turn your car off after it’s moved. If your vehicle cannot be moved, focus on getting yourself and passengers out of traffic to safety.

3. Call the police.

Call 911 or the police non-emergency number, depending on the severity of the accident. Depending on the location, this may be a legal requirement in certain situations. For instance, the police must be notified where collision damage is valued at more than $2,000 in Ontario.

4. Document the scene and exchange driver information.

Write down the location where the accident occurred and take pictures of the scene. Get different angles and include shots of all vehicle damage—yours and the other drivers. This documentation can be important for an insurance claim and can help establish fault.

Speak with the other driver(s) involved and exchange information. Get their name, address, contact information, insurance details (e.g., insurer and policy number), license number and plate number. Document the vehicle colour, make and model if you can. If there are bystanders, ask if any are willing to provide their contact information.

5. Avoid saying sorry.

Although saying sorry may seem natural following an accident, doing so could affect your insurance claim. Refrain from saying sorry or accepting blame until you understand the specific circumstances behind the accident.

6. Contact your insurer to file a claim.

Call your insurance agent right away after a car accident. You may even consider calling them from the scene of the accident.

There may be different legal requirements following an accident depending on the province in which it took place. We can explain this process and other responsibilities that may apply to you.

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